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"Video Works 2009" by Emile "Doctor T" Tobenfeld
Now Available at the Library and Study Center!
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from Abstract Journey

from Orange in Silver Morning

Doctor T (Emile Tobenfeld) has been performing visual improvisations with live music since 1973. His improvisations feature DVD's of his own video, photography and animation, which he mixes live in response to the sounds and actions of the performers he is working with. His visual material explores and blurs the boundary between realism and abstraction, and his "Visual Music" performances combine imagery and music into a unified immersive and evocative media experience.

This collection contains:
Abstract Journey
Barely Branching
Changes #1
Ice Fantasy
Improvisation (Night Lights)
Industrial Song
Orange In Silver Morning
Uncertainty Principles
Featuring music by Mike Marando, Leap of Faith Trio, Vortex Ensemble, Kevin Frenette Trio, Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble, and poetry by John Mulrooney

These films and much more can be viewed at our Library & Study Center in Culver City, CA. Please set up a viewing appointment by contacting us at:

For more information about Tobenfeld and his work, please visit his website and YouTube Channel.

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