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The iotaWeekly
October 24-30, 2011
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The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

Clip of the Week

The 600 Years

Outdoor projection-mapping on buildings is becoming a popular way to bring visual excitement to a space during a special event. Here is a great example, featuring a 600-year-old clock tower in Prague. The historical building appears to come alive and travel through time.


Artist of the Week

Bill Alves

With the release of Bill Alves' new DVD Celestial Dance, we're honoring Bill as Artist of the Week!

Bill Alves is a composer, writer, and video artist based in Southern California. He has written extensively for acoustic and electronic instruments and also worked in mixed media, including the integration of music and computer video, robot choreography, and web art. Thomson/Schirmer published his book Music of the Peoples of the World in 2005 and his other writings have appeared in numerous journals such as Perspectives of New Music, Computer Music Journal, SEAMUS Journal, and 1/1. From 1993-94 he was a Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellow in Indonesia. He is one of the organizers of MicroFest, the annual Southern California festival of new music in alternate tunings. He teaches at Harvey Mudd College of the Claremont Colleges in Southern California, where he also directs the American Gamelan Ensemble. His video work "Aleph" (2002) is also available at the iotaCenter store.

For more information about Bill Alves and his work, please visit his iotaCenter Profile and his website.

Red Desert

Site of the Week

UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

A place to explore cinema from every film-producing country in the world, the Pacific Film Archive reaches out through the art of cinema to the many cultures that make up the lively Bay Area community. With daily screenings—over 600 different programs are offered each year—PFA presents rare and rediscovered prints of movie classics, new and historic works by the world’s great film directors, restored silent films with live musical accompaniment, thematic retrospectives, and exciting experiments by today’s film and video artists, including provocative, independently made fiction and documentary films.
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