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Paul shepherd

Two Screenings in Brooklyn -

Categories: [Events] 
Announcing two screenings at Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn in collaboration with the the iotaCenter

Friday July 11th 8PM
Robert Darroll Retrospective

including the Korean Trilogy

Screening List:
Korean Trilogy: Lung • Feng Huang • Stone Lion*
Taiwanese Trilogy: Things Fall Apart • How Technology Saved the World • What Ghosts Like Most
Noemata No. 1

*World Premiere of the restorations

Saturday July 12th 8PM
Visual Music: an iotaSalon Collection 1960-2014

Screening list:
Chris Casady - Son of Puddle Jumper
Hy Hirsh - Scratch Pad**
Adam K. Beckett - Heavy Light**
Larry Cuba - Calculated Movement**
Michael Robinson - Joshua His Tree
Jacques Perconte - Apres Le Feu
Takagi Masakatsu - Bloomy Girls
Sara Petty - Furies**
Laura Heit - The Deep Dark
Huckleberry Lain - Antiquities for the Queen of Angels
Stephanie Maxwell - Ocean
Dr Strangeloop - Fields

**indicates 16mm film prints

Spectacle is located at 124 South 3rd Street near the Bedford stop on the L train

We hope to see you there.
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Amy alexander

Amy Alexander Artist in Residence Work Part 2 -

Categories: [Events] 
... and here's the second part of my documentation of my artist-in-residence work at iota. The "proto-show" of "Violent Movies Unraveled."

One of my interests is the evolution of cinematic form with respect to space. Since the beginning of film history, cinema has compressed physical space onto a single plane – the movie screen. This means we never really see characters face to face – no matter what they’re doing to one another. “Violent Movies Unraveled” re-edits famous movie scenes for two screens so that attackers face their attackees.

The prototype performance happened on a pair of apartment windows in Los Angeles on December 7, 2012. The windows were visible to people walking or driving past the building. The movies used for the proto-show were Psycho and Scarface. Although sound wasn’t used in the proto-show, you can view split-screen composites with sound at: my website.

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Amy alexander

Amy Alexander Artist in Residence Work Part1 -

Categories: [Events] 
Wrapping up my time as Artist-in-Residence here. Thanks to everybody at iota for having me - I had a lot of fun and hopefully didn't wake the neighbors too much :-) ... Anyway, I got initial research done on a few projects and ideas, so I'll be posting video samples over the coming weeks. The first is something I"m calling PIGS (Percussive Image Gestural System).

PIGS is planned as a framework for visual performance based on percussion gestures (but not sounds) – and non-rectilinear forms. I grew up performing music, and still play drums now and then. In doing visual performances, I’ve found myself instinctively performing it as though I were playing a visual percussion instrument. Although I tend to approach sound/visual pairings with skepticism, in this case, we’re not really using sound, just borrowing from a particular sound-based practice.

Anyway, here’s a very first video. The system is very rough – content and processing are in a very basic stage, and there’s lots of latency right now. The percussion audio is just there for illustrative purposes – PIGS is intended to produce visuals only. You can read more about PIGS on the YouTube page:

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Paul shepherd

Stephanie Maxwell Screening -

Categories: [Events] 

November 1st at 9:30PM

At the Echo Park Film Center, 1200 North Alvarado Street near Sunset

Screening new and classic films of Stephanie Maxwell with the filmmaker in person!

Stephanie Maxwell is a California-born filmmaker who practices a unique form of experimental filmmaking art. Her techniques include direct on film painting and etching, object animation, motion painting, copier techniques, live action manipulation, and much more. Her works blend the hands-on approach to animation with digital processes in very creative ways. Most of her works are collaborations with composers, from idea through realization. The screening will be followed by an informal discussion of techniques and artistic process, with Stephanie Maxwell in person.

See the Echo Park Film Center Schedule for more info

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Larry cuba

Artist-in-Residence Amy Alexander -

Categories: [Events] 
Audiovisual performance and digital media artist Amy Alexander joins iotaCenter as Artist-in-Residence for Fall 2012. Amy will be doing some new work on Discotrope: The Secret Nightlife of Solar Cells, as well as research for upcoming projects in gestural and spatial cinematic performance. Amy is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California San Diego.

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Paul shepherd

Adam K. Beckett DVD Release Party - January 6th at 7:30PM
Mandrake Bar

Categories: [Events] 
Beckett DVD

iotaCenter Event

Adam K. Beckett DVD Release Party

January 6th, 2012 7:30PM

Mandrake Bar

2692 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Knotte Grosse
Kitch in Synch

It's here!
The long awaited DVD of the work of Adam K. Beckett.

Come join us at the Mandrake to celebrate the release of this latest addition to our KINETICA Video Library. In addition to Beckett's six complete films, the disc is filled with previously unreleased material that's been sitting in a vault for over 30 years --- animation from unfinished films, loops made for light shows, a portfolio of drawings, and an animation collaboration with artist Kathy Rose which had never been filmed!

Get a short overview of these works from Beckett biographer Pam Turner, reconnect with old friends, and raise a glass to Adam's memory.
We hope you can join the celebration.
Copies of the DVD will be on sale at the party, but if you can't make it, you can order yours from our online store starting on Jan 7th.

See you there.

Facebook Event.

Online Store.

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Paul shepherd

Unreleased Adam K. Beckett: "Red Blue Yellow" Segment -

Categories: [Events] 

To count down our release date for the brand new Adam K. Beckett DVD we are periodically uploading some videos that we were unable to include on the DVD. Why were we unable to include these? Because the DVD was getting over loaded AND we have much better unreleased and extra segments, interviews, loops and more.

This segment was digitized by iota Board Member, Pamela Turner - Adam K. Beckett biographer and project director.

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Paul shepherd

Adam K. Beckett: Loop #13 -

Categories: [Events] 

What are we grateful for this week?
The wonderful folks at Lookout Mountain Studios, Pat O'Neill and George Lockwood, who scanned some of the loops made by Adam K. Beckett.

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Paul shepherd

Adam K. Beckett: Loop #08 -

Categories: [Events] 

More hidden treasures from the mind of Adam K. Beckett. The DVD will be released in January of 2012.

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Paul shepherd

Animation Breakdown Exhibition at Synchronicity Space -

Categories: [Events] 

The iotaCenter is collaborating with Cinefamily and Synchronicity Space displaying original artwork from Adam K. Beckett to commemorate our DVD release.
From now until Dec 23rd.

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