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Like many small arts nonprofits, iotaCenter relies on the generosity of our community of patrons to keep our activities alive, whether they are as small as holding a screening in Los Angeles, or as big as a touring festival of experimental works. Please consider giving a gift to the iotaCenter to help us move forward and provide you with programs, DVDs, online resources, and more!

Become a Member
iotaCenter is proud to launch our 2010 Membership Program! After soliciting feedback from the members of our Advisory Council, we have formulated a plan to drive forward our by creating a tiered set of membership options tailored to the needs of our current community. For more information on the different levels and how to join, please visit our Membership Page.


Support a Specific Project
iota often focuses its efforts on the work of specific artists and scholars where our individual programs --- community, research, exhibition and preservation --- come together to support a single project. If you have a particular interest in either our William Moritz Project, Jules Engel Project or Adam Beckett Project, you may make a donation specifically to support their progress.


Support Digital Initiatives
iotaCenter has several digital initiatives underway. These include everything from the digitization of films in our collection, upgrades to our website (including an online public access catalog of our video and film collection), and the scanning of documents from our paper archives - articles, books, exhibition catalogs and historic program notes. Especially if you do not live near the Los Angeles area and would like to see more of iota's fabulous resources online, please consider helping us attain our goal of making these resources available across the globe!


Support Exhibition and Distribution
As an essential part of our mission, the iotaCenter programs both local and touring screenings of our films, including a) our local salons that allow small groups of our patrons to see new and emerging work, b) touring screening programs like the Kinetica tours and c) small screenings in localized area of interest for a particular artist or theme.

In addition, our growing distribution efforts include both the KINETICA Video Library™ as well as the distribution of third party DVDs and books in the iota Store. These DVDs are made available for private collectors, libraries and schools.

It takes significant staff and other resources to plan and enact the execution of these programs. If you would like to help us spread awareness of these underrepresented artists and their films, please consider donating!


Support General Operating Expenses

A general donation is by far the most valuable kind of gift, as it allows us to keep functioning and pay for things like the staff and interns that enact ALL of our various programs, office space so we can continue to host researchers at our study center, and it allows us the flexibility to apply your gift to the most essential tasks at hand. For more information on our priorities over the next five years, and all the various programs iota plans to enact.

Light is the artist's sole medium of expression. He must mold it by optical means, almost as a sculptor models clay. He must add colour, and finally motion to his creation. Motion, the time dimension, demands that he must be a choreographer in space.
-Thomas Wilfred
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iotaCenter is a non-profit organization that provides this information as a public service to film artists and the larger community. We have made sincere efforts to get permission from all rights holders. Please contact us at if you are a rights holder whom we have not yet been able to reach. For all other inquiries, please contact us at

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